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The main hall / lobby, a fully covered auditorium, the gazebo can be booked by members

Main Lobby:

RSI Main Lobby sports an elegant look with beautiful wall paintings and plush furniture and is air conditioned. Main lobby can accommodate 70 persons. RSI Main Lobby may be used by members for private party up-to the strength of 30. The members booking Main Lobby for private party will not make use of the portion of the Lobby close to the Main Bar.

AC Extension Restaurant:

AC Room is small air conditioned hall which can accommodate up to 12 persons. This can be used for meetings or private parties by members.

Trisula Auditorium:

Trisula Auditorium is located near building no J87 (Balan House). As the name indicates, it is an auditorium with all sides open and has large capacity. The auditorium is used for private parties, wedding receptions and functions of the units/Fmn. It is also used conducting tambola/ other RSI events during monsoon season.


Gazebos have a capacity of 120 persons. Members may book the Gazebos for private party for functions/ ceremonies such as wedding engagement, upanayanam ceremony, saree ceremony etc. The facilities available are the huts and lawn divided into three segments with a cover bar and buffet layout.