Library and Reading Room

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Library / Reading Room (PHRONTISTERY)

RSI has a well stocked library in ‘Balan House’. It has a reading room adjoining to it to facilitate members to use the library. Library has books on varied subjects ranging from military subjects to arts, literature and novels – fiction and non-fiction. Books are added to the library periodically. Members are encouraged to give suggestions for new purchases. Rare books on some subjects and periodicals are also available for reference by members.

Magazines and newspapers are subscribed for the reading room and are laid out for use by the members. Old magazines may be issued on loan to members for a period of ten days. Books in the library are categorized as ‘New books’ for first six months after new purchase. Subsequently they are categorized as ‘Old books’. Members using library may borrow two new books and two old books at one time and return within specified period.

Reference books and periodicals are not issued and can be used within the library. E-Magazine facility has also been made available in the library. E-magazines have been subscribed which can be accessed by the members on the computer system placed in the library.


Monthly library subscription of Rs.10/­- per month is billed to all mess members on monthly basis and to non­-mess members/outstation members on half yearly basis. A member desirous of borrowing library books shall enroll himself as a Library Member by paying Rs.10/-­ and will obtain library card from IC Library. This Rs. 10/- is a one time charge per member for availing the said facility.

Library Timings:

Opening Closing
Morning ( on all working days) 1100 hrs 1400 hrs
Evening ( on Function days) 1700 hrs 2030 hrs
Evening ( on non function days) 1630 hrs 2000 hrs