Saloon and Beauty Parlour

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Saloon and Beauty Parlour

RSI provide his members a masterly skilled beauticians for both men and women

Men's Saloon (NAWAB SAHIB):

Facility of men’s saloon has been created in RSI for use by the Members & Dependents. The saloon is equipped with modern equipment. The saloon is open on all working days from 1000 hrs to 1800 hrs. The charges for the services being provided are displayed in the saloon.

Ladies Beauty Parlour (ANOKHI):

The timings of Ladies Beauty Parlour are from 1000 hrs to 1830 hrs on all working days. Customers of Ladies Beauty Parlour are responsible for the safe custody of their personal belongings. RSI or staff of Ladies Beauty Parlour will not be responsible for any loss of Personal belongings of the customers.