Trisula Auditorium

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Trisula Auditorium

Trisula Auditorium is located next to building No J87 (Balan House). As the name indicates, it is an auditorium with all sides open and has large capacity. The auditorium can be used for private parties, wedding receptions and functions of the units/Fmn. It is also used for conducting tambola/ other RSI events during monsoon season.

Booking of Trisula Auditorium:

The Auditorium can be booked by members for wedding/wedding reception of self/children/ and non-member defence service officers and their children, and for private parties.
Units/Fmns may also book the Auditorium for unit functions in the name of one of the officers.
The Auditorium may be given for special organized functions by Fmn/Est once a year, as considered necessary by the Chairman, on a nominal payment of Rs.1000/-­ towards maintenance charges, provided the expenditure towards the function is basically met out of contributions from the individual officers.
The Auditorium will not be available for booking on Fridays during, monsoon season. Prescribed application form for booking (to be obtained from RSI Office), will be filled by the member and got approved by the Secretary.

Bar and Catering Services:

Serving of liquor during the function in the Auditorium is allowed, but the liquor for the purpose is required to be arranged by the member concerned.


For the booking of Trisula Auditorium for wedding ceremony/ reception/ party, the member concerned is required to pay the basic reservation charges and the Security Deposit as applicable. A final bill for total charges will be presented to the member concerned on the next day of the function / party. Members are required to clear the outstanding amount within two days of receipt of the bill. The additional payment for booking on Tuesday will be as per the existing rate as decided by the Executive Committee.

Cancellation of Booking and Refund:

On cancellation of booking of Auditorium by members, the refund will be admissible under:-

  • In case cancellation is done within 72 hrs of the date booked for, no refund is admissible.
  • In case cancellation is done within 20 days of the date booked for, 50% of booking charges will be refunded.
  • If the cancellation is done on any day whereby the intervening period between the date of cancellation and the date booked for is more than 20 days, 75% of the booking charges will be refunded. However, if the cancellation is for the wedding/wedding reception of self or sons/daughters of members, where the intervening period between the date of cancellation and the date booked for is 60 days or beyond, 95% of the booking charge will be refunded.